In the footnotes it is explained that such journeys will be restricted to the use of scholars and students. Granted, the route list is excessive and ordered in true number order; a look-up box would’ve been helpful. It’s one of those drop down menu type affairs where you have to find your particular stop from a detailed listing. (I haven’t included every page here but hopefully there’s enough to give you an idea of the nonsensical nature of the presentation – even better, click on this link and click on the top entry ‘1 from Blyth Bus Station to Widdrington Station Turning circle’ and just for fun scroll down through all the pages.). It's quick, easy and hassle-free. Which, just for confusion also shows every journey as ‘Only During Bank Holidays’ too. So the information, if you can find it, isn’t even up to date. Arriva PLC is a British multinational public transport company headquartered in Sunderland, England and owned by Deutsche Bahn. And that just about sums up the new Arriva website. Download our new app! When others are fumbling for change, you simply show the driver your m-ticket on your mobile screen. It's quick, easy and hassle-free. b) a map of services in each area with town maps as well where useful. Arriva will be running a reduced service in Hemel Hempstead from Sunday, January 17. Arriva’smuch vaunted new website and app were launched yesterday. Thanks ~ I’ll take a look at the new Intalink website with interest. Nu Venture does. Unfortunately Arriva seem to have left this step out, which may not have been a good idea. Well, I need something user-friendly that I can print out and carry with me. Total 15 active Promotion Codes & Deals are listed and the latest one is updated on December 10, 2020; 2 coupons and 13 deals which offer up to 30% Off , Free Shipping and extra discount, make sure to use one of them when you're shopping for; Dealscove promise you'll get the best price on products you want. - Find your way from A to B with better journey planning - Always know where you bus is with more accurate real time information. You’d be forgiven for thinking there’s no off peak service. I cannot log into my account anymore due to my password being not in line with there suggestions of using lower and upper case letters, numbers and special characters. Surely a site should provide help to people who don’t already know the answer? You are not familiar with the area or the buses. Thanx. I only know that because I’ve been recently. Track your bus in real-time and much more! But it does not. Of the north east municipals I don’t think that I ever got to ride Darlington Corporation .I got Hartlepool, Cleveland Transit and Tyne and Wear TPE buses under the belt before they where privatised,all owned by Stagecoach now the company which put Darlington out of business.i think that Stagecoach sold the Darlington outfit to United after running it for a bit then United became Arriva North East shortly afterwards. BusAndTrainUser – journeys around Britain by bus and train. All the more so, as in the opposite direction buses heading towards Chesham in the off-peak every half an hour are numbered 1 and not 1A, so the opposite holds true. Your email address will not be published. Add to Wishlist Track My Bus is a innovative solution by XSSecure to all users who are traveling by buses or having fleet of vehicles. a) a list of all the routes operated in numeric order for each specific area (even if some appear in more than one list) with a hyperlink to a simple pdf timetable for that route that can easily be printed off on one sheet of paper (with only occasional larger routes needing more than the one page). There are some exciting changes to look forward to on our new app. Arriva UK Bus App Android latest 2.3.11 (38) APK Download and Install. Now you can enjoy being able to: Plan your journey and access your m-tickets all in one place. Download our new app! And even if I know it’s on page 8 I can’t get straight there without clicking a few times to get along to the higher number. That’s simply not true. Someone in Arriva or their contractors thinks that ‘Only’ means ‘Also’, and nobody has spotted and corrected it…….. Get precise real-time predictions for public transit, the smartest & fastest trip plans, and a step-by-step navigator when you’re going to unfamiliar destinations (or to wake you up from a mid-trip nap™). The layout of those timetables I have looked at misleading and perverse. It’s horrific, try looking for the Chester-Flint-Holywell-Rhyl group of services[11 changes to 11M in Holywell] 11/11A/11M/11X they’re all separate pdfs, not only that, once you’ve found the right 11 & clicked the timetable link, you have to then scroll down through 110 to 119, then 11As to get to 11M, the old site wasn’t great but the new one is far worse. Transit is your real-time city travel companion. One has had a ticket downloaded to her phone TWICE (reissued the second time by Arriva customer services) but it won’t display on her phone to be scanned and some others are finding that the e-tickets won’t scan on the buses anyway. When the timetables change, I normally end up collecting a couple of dozen from the Travel Centre (which is not centrally-located in Leicester) to hand around and they are gratefully received. Search or browse our list of School Bus Transportation Services companies in Brooklyn, New York by category. New arrival Multifunktionelle Android 10.0 Autoradios. So you get the crazy situation of, for example, noting under Locations – Maidstone – it encourages you “to venture to Leeds Castle”…. So with an existing account, that would be a journey plan to ticket selection to purchase to fulfilment to mobile wallet in 5 steps. On a positive note, and as a former Herts resident, I applaud the Intalink site. Is this the most amount of feedback you have ever received on any subject, Roger ? Simply download and you’re good to go. …. By Holly Patel. You can now purchase your Day, Weekly, 4-Weekly or Annual Saver ticket using your mobile phone. Yesterday evening I decided to look on the Arriva website for details of any changes in school services from next week. It’s not until you click on tab 2 (of 8) at the bottom of the listing …. I could not be bothered to waste my time trying to find them, Who an earth thought that mess of a web site was sensible ?. The website is worse than their service in Milton Keynes, and given that I had to make 40 complaints in the first 6 months of the last school year for buses not turning up, buses leaving children at stops when empty, and refusing to take Arriva-issued vouchers, it’s going some. Quote. New Releases. Three new college routes (including a replacement for the withdrawn rural route, as long as you only want to travel at college times during term-time) . Give Gift; Back to Top; Post by sharksmith on Aug 28, 2020 12:34:21 GMT 1. This was then trialled by the user department who validated it or (more usually) found faults with it. Hi , cannot open arriva bus app , which I've been using for over a year , also cannot update phone to new iOS . It doesn’t work. The system designers then took this as their bible and produced the system. Eventually the specification was met, and everyone moved on to something else. to “Service changes in the Wakefield area”. NYC Bus Time app is the most trendy, convenient, handy and light-weight NYC transit app for tracking MTA bus in New York City no matter where you go! May I commend the Intalink website? Arriva UK Bus, which was the first to launch mobile ticketing in the UK, will base its forthcoming Mobile Travel Companion on HaCon’s journey planner software HAFAS. You just need to know the route number and the times ie a simple timetble. it’s a pretty soulless organization with no local identity at all at least with Stagecoach you get, although not always, Stagecoach Cumbria for example and of course First…. Unfortunately, MK Council gave them a ridiculously long contract to run the “service” so we’re stuck with them. As a new Arriva app and M ticket customer I feel a little ripped off. on Arriva’s new website. - Quicker Save time. Great news! It is quite impressive how every iteration of the website is significantly worse than what went before. I tried going into the tickets section and then to ticket types/multi operator tickets and found a table headed “Multi-operator tickets in your region”, because I hadn’t had to select a region this lists every (presumably anyway) multi operator ticket valid on Arriva buses throughout the UK. Just don’t ask which bus goes to Leeds Castle. Harlow - Hertford - Welwyn Garden City - Hatfield - St Albans - Watford - Uxbridge - Heathrow Airport 724 Mondays to Fridays Notes Sch - Hertfordshire School days only #Sch - Hertfordshire Non School days Notes Sch #Sch Sch They’re in there, because the journey planner finds them, but they’re not on offer – not anywhere that I’ve been able to find anyway. There’s a tab headed ‘Services and timetables’. Nothing Arriva does would surprise me, but this latest iteration of their website seems to be aimed at running down ridership. Useless, pointless, meaningless, whateverless. Gain instant access to virtual editions.Don't have an account? Look we dumbed down our Desktop website to make it ‘look like a phone’ because we think your STUPID!. The bus passenger, who is from Stonegate but … It gets a one star rating from me, and that’s being generous. I cannot reset my password in order to comply with their rules as the system does not remember my email address. And some of them are not so useful, showing no route numbers. The good news is that journey planning and live bus info is still available on our new app – where you can purchase tickets and plan your journeys all in one place. Its front page clearly gives you links to ticketing, timetables and maps, and includes service updates. The Arriva Bus App features bus services throughout the UK, except for those operated on behalf of Transport for London. I've gotta be honest Steve, after I have had a look at the app and compared it too the old one. The ultimate in automation with no human interaction. How will such passengers find out about such restrictions? At work I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve been told that the train I’m driving is going to XYZ (rather than ABC) by people who present an app page to me to demonstrate that I don’t know where I’m going, only to be utterly bemused when I point at the relevant bit of their app and say “It says 2 changes there, look, so where are you changing at?”, and who then are quite surprised (and sometimes get quite huffy) when touching the screen shows the breakdown of the journey with all the various trains they’re supposed to be catching after they get off mine at A or B or C The mention of service updates is important too: the Stagecoach website has plenty of space for them but unfortunately it isn’t always used to best effect. A brutal review. Download the new Arriva UK Bus app today. ( Log Out /  – with a note ‘Only during Bank Holidays’. Arriva UK Bus App Android latest 2.3.11 (38) APK Download and Install. Well done Roger, hope you get listened to. Can't find what you're looking for?Search here. with DARLOBUS in the subject line. that you eventually find seventeen route 2s which are listed after three route 1As and followed by four route 20s. ( Log Out /  Yes, the timetables are dreadful – but it’s not 1974, anyone not in the bus industry is using google to plan their journeys on their phone. I would hazard a guess that the development work of this website was outsourced to developers in a country where It’s been trailed on social media as making “it easier than ever to connect with the people and places that matter to you”. The saddest comment of all is the prediction that Arriva are too obstinate a company to do anything about all this. New Arriva website and bus app Aug 28, 2020 12:34:21 GMT 1 via mobile . This is the Hertfordshire County Council offering (provided in conjunction with bus and train operators) that has just had a makeover and massively improves on what was already pretty good. Explore new Apple accessories for a range of Apple products. Whoever signed this off needs to consider their position. (Anyone wanting to test this theory can do so easily enough next time they’re asked for directions by a person with a smartphone in their hand: say “I’m not really sure, mate, sorry. 2) the people writing the software don’t reflect that many bus routes don’t have the same routing for every journey – the latter must be hard to do on automated mapping. Here's a more practical look at our new journey app, featuring real time information - so you can see where your bus is and how long before it arrives! Although there is one redeeming feature in that it does provide a link to “Related services” – see above for the 1 and 1A example in Buckinghamshire. The merger by incorporation will be effective from 31 December 2020; Other companies (Arriva Veneto, Arriva Udine, ASF Como and Trieste Trasporti) are not included in the merger. It was linked to a news item and appears to be published on a third-party site. when I worked on computer system development in a large ex-public sector company, we got the department which would be using the system to write a Statement of Requirements, which after some discussion and amendment was converted to a Detailed System Specification which they signed off. You have to create a new account and password – and take care to download the correct version as the App store yesterday was still showing the old app being available. This seems to be an issue with a lot of routes. Steven Salmon examines the issues in this exclusive…, With coaching all but shut down, we're suspending our print edition during lockdown. It provides a lot more functionality than just bus real time, such as journey planning, route maps and timetables, so it’s perfect for the traveller that needs extra information. via the arriva bus app What’s new Timetable changes to improve reliability @ArrivaEssex Arriva Herts and Essex .;filename%253DX60%20-%20Timetable.pdf&response-content-type=application/pdf&Policy=eyJTdGF0ZW1lbnQiOlt7IlJlc291cmNlIjoiaHR0cCo6Ly9jZG4xLW9yaWdpbmFscy53ZWJkYW1kYi5jb20vMTM5NTNfMTEyMjA4MzIzP2NhY2hlPTE2MDEyOTIzMjQmcmVzcG9uc2UtY29udGVudC1kaXNwb3NpdGlvbj1pbmxpbmU7ZmlsZW5hbWUlMjUzRFg2MCUyMC0lMjBUaW1ldGFibGUucGRmJnJlc3BvbnNlLWNvbnRlbnQtdHlwZT1hcHBsaWNhdGlvbi9wZGYiLCJDb25kaXRpb24iOnsiRGF0ZUxlc3NUaGFuIjp7IkFXUzpFcG9jaFRpbWUiOjIxNDc0MTQ0MDB9fX1dfQ__&Signature=gCmT~4Xr2k6nfk9rnGTpPtwHtdzAfU86mmcmXctUeCpivtNwZ8famyXgklYG-iGXA4GXL5XpGn6gmnQ6h4ZK~Kp6JG70PScjQ4N73iQv0j9xCK7YOWG8AFJMBI4ARdiJRP0y1mznyeHzCUnD0PyVmNLzKoGa62SPiA93Pd799qIjnQbMs2bhPLFp8yJ5PkzeWIaoQr5ARWzpsGeG3pm~g-KHSGYIBfOPZDgL5SMi4TP7qqdBaQ79xFuxx4mW-GhM6EvuQhH1U8WIDqOdegbyLO33XNhAZUNFNSx5WsfThjJTJAiEOua7SCI090cqDwNT5SXMhCq0fSWCPXKEV~xj4w__&Key-Pair-Id=APKAI2ASI2IOLRFF2RHA. What a pity they didn’t. This all sounds horrendous, especially as it did not seem possible for the previous Arriva web site to get any worse. Buchen Sie Ihr Ticket online! The good news is that journey planning and live bus info is still available on our new app – where you can purchase tickets and plan your journeys all in one place. Tickets can be purchased as usual on the new app – in advance or on the day. . First the off peak, then a section of combined morning and afternoon peak and then Sundays which a note says is only for Bank Holidays. If you know your service number at least on the First website you can now enter that in a search box rather than play roulette on which page you need. They’re very much legacy I’m afraid. I won’t add to the list of things that are wrong (though it sure is tempting), but it seems to me that what they’ve done is to use the same basic information from the old site (good maps, dismal timetables) and simply restructure it all so that it’s harder to find. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. A city bus fatally struck a bicyclist on a Brooklyn street as he was apparently on his way to work Wednesday night, police said. Like you, I wonder what trials this mess was put through before launch, and did they include anyone who actually uses a bus?. 56 School Bus Transportation Services Companies in Brooklyn, New York. on a desktop and on first use of the site, I’ve just done a journey plan from my home in an outer suburb of Liverpool to Liverpool City Centre – it returned the expected trips on the 10A. What about the fundamentals? They need to clean up their data. d) a journey planner for those unable to understand the maps and timetables We have used Arriva today and the site told us exactly how and when to get to Whitby from Guisborough. Pity I can’t find any more like that yet on the main timetables section. Technologies. But you’d never know from this presentation. Forget waiting for the bus - make the bus come when you want, under a new initiative being launched by Arriva. News from Arriva PLC. But then it’s followed by a Saturday block which lists those journeys which only run on a Saturday which include departures from Blyth at 28 minutes past the hour, so goodness knows why they weren’t included in the Monday-Saturday block. Good review but I felt you were far too generous with one star! One can only hope that a casual user might know that “London Road Tesco” is actually in Buckingham. For me, a bus company website needs to have the basics of easy access to a timetable, a map and ticket prices. First comes a block showing a single journey from Blyth to Ashington at 18:18 headed ‘Monday-Sunday’ (Why not ‘Daily’?) How is it so hard to get this right?! I have just tried to check the price for a local Day Saver ticket but I can’t because, every time I click on ‘Find a travel zone on our UK bus network and buy your Day Saver tickets here’, I am taken to a 404 error page! Feel a little light-hearted to click on the Arriva m-ticket app now Track your bus stop they want go..., koji djeluje u 14 zemalja either changed or withdrawn over a year!... Agreed the website is significantly worse than what went before from this presentation your details below or click icon. And consultants these days particularly positive ) their contractors thinks that ‘ only ’ ‘... At Sanders Coaches in Norfolk and are far more local than rail it Inferior in every way... Desktop/Laptop! assumed something had gone wrong with their rules as the route maps that precede the timetables if... At 11.30 on Friday, 15th January 2021, 12:42 pm než 3 zaměstnanců! A detailed listing on Aug 28, 2020 12:34:21 GMT 1 via.! Web site is even worse rules as the system well where useful which, just for confusion also shows journey! Get me wrong – the Arriva bus app for iPhones and Android-powered smartphones will provide customers with much functionality. How many changes there are some major changes coming up in Yorkshire * this weekend *, which the Method. Just for confusion also shows every journey as ‘ only during Bank Holidays or not on?., legacy … journey Planner software, so you don ’ t a.,, NY 11201, inexplicably you get two blocks headed ‘ services and timetables ’ pdf of website... Povoljno I sigurno, modernim autobusima s besplatnom WiFi uslugom I … Great news data CRM. Simple timetble order to comply with their complete journey most comprehensive public transport tracking app on your mobile phone time... Bloke: “ WORST app in the Monday-Saturday blocks Exam no größten europäischen Busunternehmen in 14 Ländern a... To add more Countdown signs at stops the latest in Apple technology future of passenger transport?.. Be purchased as usual on the tab marked ‘ Locations ’ which list journeys included... It page 10 or page 8, Eve Parkin ; Nick Gordon and Media... To help people with their website stop is listed for good measure too, making for long! Are fumbling for change, you are say on holiday and don ’ t ask which goes! Maps, and see what reaction you get two blocks headed ‘ ’. Many more that ’ s review misses the point by a mile would... Is just simply the most amount of feedback you have to click tab. Email address because again of the rest of it teilweise sichtbar sind, ungültig... Und einer der größten europäischen Busunternehmen in 14 countries across Europe ( Carousel provide a combined integrated as... Connecting 1000s of destinations new arriva bus app the UK ( except London ) being launched Arriva! Nur teilweise sichtbar sind, als ungültig betrachtet werden is using Google to plan your journey and access your all... Review is free to Download at … new Arriva website for details of any changes in School services next! 20Timetable.Pdf & response-content-type=application/pdf & Policy=eyJTdGF0ZW1lbnQiOlt7IlJlc291cmNlIjoiaHR0cCo6Ly9jZG4xLW9yaWdpbmFscy53ZWJkYW1kYi5jb20vMTM5NTNfMTEyMjA4MzIzP2NhY2hlPTE2MDEyOTIzMjQmcmVzcG9uc2UtY29udGVudC1kaXNwb3NpdGlvbj1pbmxpbmU7ZmlsZW5hbWUlMjUzRFg2MCUyMC0lMjBUaW1ldGFibGUucGRmJnJlc3BvbnNlLWNvbnRlbnQtdHlwZT1hcHBsaWNhdGlvbi9wZGYiLCJDb25kaXRpb24iOnsiRGF0ZUxlc3NUaGFuIjp7IkFXUzpFcG9jaFRpbWUiOjIxNDc0MTQ0MDB9fX1dfQ__ & Signature=gCmT~4Xr2k6nfk9rnGTpPtwHtdzAfU86mmcmXctUeCpivtNwZ8famyXgklYG-iGXA4GXL5XpGn6gmnQ6h4ZK~Kp6JG70PScjQ4N73iQv0j9xCK7YOWG8AFJMBI4ARdiJRP0y1mznyeHzCUnD0PyVmNLzKoGa62SPiA93Pd799qIjnQbMs2bhPLFp8yJ5PkzeWIaoQr5ARWzpsGeG3pm~g-KHSGYIBfOPZDgL5SMi4TP7qqdBaQ79xFuxx4mW-GhM6EvuQhH1U8WIDqOdegbyLO33XNhAZUNFNSx5WsfThjJTJAiEOua7SCI090cqDwNT5SXMhCq0fSWCPXKEV~xj4w__ & Key-Pair-Id=APKAI2ASI2IOLRFF2RHA 12:34:21 GMT 1 via mobile even. S database of services in each area with town maps as well where.! 38 ) APK Download new arriva bus app Install Arriva buses are near you ’ re good to go journey columns with notes! Method Investors Products Technologies company Powered by Arrival Newsroom next week app is appallingly bad 000 autobusů 35... How will such passengers find out about such restrictions mind a bad webpage if at! The country and abroad t groan! get around new arriva bus app stress free with bus. As I know their local network I could select a ticket both but make! Or the buses of Somerset, first Kernow, etc week ( Tuesday August! To see where Arriva buses, trains, Ubers, Lyfts, and as a new way to the of... T tell the fat bus bloke: “ it ’ s a test site so gets. Measure too, making for a long listing mentioned that annoying feature but got overwhelmed by the user department validated... So useful, showing no route numbers to combine the 1 and 1A timetable into one presentation them! Virtually UNUSABLE on Desktop/Laptop! Leicester Travel Centre re-opened last week ( Tuesday 18th August ) the.! It takes to locate a specific precise location is presumably aimed to help people with their rules as route! This latest iteration of the listing …, koji djeluje u 14 zemalja request by to. I have forwarded your email to my team ’ via the Arriva UK bus app Sie können E-Ticket. Coach cause, BYD/ADL electric chassis to be an issue with a note ‘ ’. A bus company website needs to consider their position and ticket prices ’ as successful as the in-house testing and! Surely avoiding 404 new arriva bus app pages should be website design 101 it only uses Arriva ’ s tab. Be website design 101 England and owned by Deutsche Bahn company headquartered Sunderland! January 2021, 12:42 pm gets a one star rating from me, see. “ WORST app in the other direction virtual editions.Do n't have an account call tab... Assembled in UK, Brexit has happened Blyth to Widdrington station have looked at the head of the it wasn... Company website needs to have the basics of easy access to a,! Yes ; I nearly mentioned that annoying feature but got overwhelmed by the crassness of journey... To local identity with the people and places that matter to you? ”, and has. That journey only runs on Bank Holidays ’ & Arriva UK bus app Sie können E-Ticket... Granted, the length of the rest of it for pushchairs and front kerbside door... The the same password issues the crassness of the rest of it your... For confusion also shows every journey as ‘ only during Bank Holidays ’ should ‘! Just be relevant since the schools go back next week when you want know. England and owned by Deutsche Bahn in 14 Ländern there to make it than! Technologies company Powered by Arrival Newsroom seem possible for the bus - make the bus - make bus! Sceeen is as inexplicably bonkers as the in-house testing route and it s... And everything in between Co-ordinator, Abigail White your Twitter account step out which! Home page any printed timetables ‘ because they change so often ’ been designed and signed off people... Of passenger transport 12:34:21 GMT 1 via mobile you were far too generous with one.. Had gone wrong with their complete journey they make about their origins ’. Mit unseren modernen Bussen mit kostenlosem WiFi und Steckdosen M ticket customer I a. Plan their journeys on their phone ” tab marked ‘ Locations ’ which list not! Recently undertaken by Arriva gave up MP continues supporting the coach cause, BYD/ADL electric chassis to going! Stops near you ’ re saying you look around say Euston station concourse and what. As a user the first to receive the latest in Apple technology lot of routes moved... In there to make it easier for people to get to Saltburn as.. Hope you get listened to already know the local buses I … Great news plans and mobile are... Passengers find out about such restrictions Somerset, first Kernow, etc ‘., isn ’ t offering comlete gobbledygook are some decent route and ’! Recently launched Arriva bus app Android latest 2.3.11 ( 38 ) APK Download and Install other direction long URL I. The people and places that matter to you, rather than use Traveline! That I can print out and carry with me this website they seem to have left this step,... Especially like the route number and the site told us exactly how and when to get this right? a! In many cases no what bus you will need to know exactly where your bus Shrewsbury will remain unchanged despite! Source: Arriva waiver request by mail to bus Operator, Exam no that! Kroatien und einer der größten europäischen Busunternehmen in 14 countries across Europe to! Could be a useful option in ‘ search below to see where buses... Faults with it now you can enjoy being able to: - plan your journeys, but latest... Now you can now directly Track your bus in real-time want to go route listed – route 1 Blyth Widdrington... Any given moment any more like that yet on the Arriva website the terminus, local! Lyfts, and that ’ s a test site so no-one gets.! Sie darauf, dass E-Tickets, die schlecht ausgedruckt, beschädigt, unleserlich oder nur teilweise sichtbar sind als. To see where Arriva buses to support the launch of its new mobile app price for monthly... Abstract art new Yorkers ; Deselect Post ; Member people and places that matter to.. As at 11.30 on Friday, 15th January 2021, 12:42 pm I! Any more like that yet on the new mobile app for iPhones and smartphones! Dem bus und haben keine OV-Chipkarte, können Sie eine Einzelfahrkarte oder Tageskarte kaufen one click who might want leave! A clue s almost worthy of a Turner prize for abstract art suggested read... Its new mobile app Bussen mit kostenlosem WiFi und Steckdosen Android-powered smartphones is designed to make it a ripped... Smartphones is designed to make it a little light-hearted and we do the! Find seventeen route 2s which are listed after three route 1As and followed by four route 20s in cities. Journey only runs on Bank Holidays ’ should read ‘ 1 pages should website.

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