no. Challenges facing member countries: SADC countries face many social, development, economic, health, diplomatic, defence, security and political challenges. economies of scale. Different levels of development, divergent trade policies and overlapping membership into other RECs pose a significant challenge into the formation of a SADC customs union. • … Improving tariff viability in SADC: Challenges and opportunities for regional utilities 1.0 Introduction SADC has embarked on a programme for the past four years to commission new or rehabilitate existing projects to improve its energy needs. intervention to make ECD available to all children It finds that possibilities of growth in intraregional trade SADC responses to main challenges to peace and security since 2010 In an effort to analyse the role of SADC in addressing challenges to peace and security, the following sections offer an overview of the organisation’s responses to the main sources of insecurity in southern Africa over the past five years. The challenges of regional integration in Southern Africa Mark Chingono* and Steve Nakana University of Zimbabwe, P. O. CHALLENGES OF ACHIEVING DEEPER INTEGRATION IN SOUTHERN AFRICAN DEVELOPMENT COMMUNITY (SADC): AGENDA SETTING AND DECISION MAKING Maximilian Mainza1 ABSTRACT This paper addressed the policy agenda setting process in the SADC in order to provide insights on the obstacles to meeting deep SADC cooperation and integration targets. ... Africa, it has taken the institutional form of the Southern African Development Community (SADC), which was formed in 1992 (Johnson, 2004), and which superseded Box MP167 Mount Pleasant Harare, Zimbabwe. Other challenges facing the region include the image portrayed by the media which creates a negative perception of the region, and the perception resulting that the region is malaria endemic. some SADC countries during the implementation of the SADC FTA one doubts whether SADC countries will indeed cooperate during the customs union phase. The study utilized r50/82648/2015 a research project submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for award of masters of arts degree in international studies october 2016 This paper examines in detail the prospects and challenges for trade expansion in the two most prominent arrangements in eastern and southern Africa: the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA) and the Southern African Development Community (SADC). Looking at the challenges challenges and prospects of regional integration in africa: a case study of east african community by david ngochi ngari reg. challenges and opportunities facing SADC as the region takes steps to extricate itself from what has become one of the biggest obstacles to regional development and integration. Among the endless objectives that are outlined by SADC, the region also focuses on increasing the participation of youth in the tourism industry. The focus SADC was premised on our being Zimbabweans, SADC being one of the longest-standing RECs to which Zimbabwe is a member and Zimbabwe‟s biggest trading partner is South Africa, which is also in SADC. 1. SADC Achievements and Challenges per EFA GOAL GOAL 1‐ Early Childhood (ECD, ECCD, ECCE, ECCDE) Achievements Challenges Use of ICT (radio) for lessons Community participation fostered with CSO support Govt. Some of these challenges cannot be tackled effectively by … This study analysed opportunities and challenges of regional integration in SADC. International Trade and Economics Series 2 ACHIEVEMENTS, CHALLENGES, AND CONSTRAINTS OF TRADE INTEGRATION IN SADC Paul BAKER1 and Victor DELEPLANCQUE2 ABSTRACT Significant steps towards trade integration have been taken by the Southern African Development